Hall Rental Information

The Grange is the largest
general farm organization in America

Marshall Grange No. 451
Patrons of Husbandry
4940 Marshall Grade Road
Garden Valley, CA 95633

Rental Manager: 530-457-5135

How to Rent

We’ve listed the steps to renting the hall on the ‘How to Rent the Marshall Grange‘ page.


The Grange Hall is available for rental to members and private and community groups at a fee set by the Grange Executive Committee. Any special considerations, proposals for co-sponsorship with the Grange, or questions about the rental agreement must be referred to the Executive Committee for final determination. Rental agreements must be confirmed with the designated Grange Representative at 530-457-5135 at least 30 days prior to the rental date. Each renter will be given a copy of the rental agreement and a receipt, if needed, for any monies received by the Grange.

Rental Areas

There are different areas available for rent in the Marshall Grange Hall. All rental areas include the use of the toilet facilities and adjoining hallways.

 Marshall Grange Floor Plan (PDF)

Rental Fees

Rental Fee $250
Dining Room
Community Meetings
Active Grange member personal use 1/2 the regular rate for active Grange members
Marshall Grange defines an “active” member as someone that attends at least 4 business meetings per year and who volunteers at 4 events or more per year.According to State Grange, a fraternal member must attend one meeting per quarter.

Deposit Fees

Damage Deposit Fees: Refundable if there is no damage: $100 for small parties$200 for large parties and weddings
Cleaning Fees Cleaning fees are not refundable:$50 fee for small parties

$100 for large parties and weddings

Regular Community Meetings N/A – exempt
Renters for large parties shall be responsible for trash & garbage removal