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We’re a small group of volunteers so when you manage your own event online it makes it easier for us too. Learn more about renting the hall and creating events here.


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If you need help or if you’d prefer to rent the hall without registering for an account just give us as much information as possible using the form below.


How to Rent the Marshall Grange Hall

Rent the hall for all occasions large and small. You can learn more about the hall and its facilities here.


The process is simple:

  1. Check our calendar
    Is the hall available on the date and time that you want it?

  2. Register for an account
    Registering for an account gives you a way to manage your event once its approved.

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    Login to your account. When you login the event you create will be linked to your account – this lets you manage your event(s) as time goes on.

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    Create your event! Your event will be in a pending status and won’t show on the calendar until it gets reviewed and approved.

  5. Problems or questions?
    Use the form below or just give our Rental Coordinator a call at (530) 919-1514

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For Rentals please call: 530-919-1514

Happy June everybody! 

Marshall Grange Presents an Open Mic on June 26th. Doors open at 6:30. 

Dusty Divider 4-Hers will be selling their market animals at the El Dorado County Junior Livestock Auction at 4 pm on June 19th at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds!

July 17th Peddler’s Faire starting at 9 am. Contact Chantal Villalobos to reserve your space. 530-334-0797 





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Thanks very much!!

November 2018 Updates

This has been a month of joy and community and also sadness.


On one hand we had another wonderful open mic this month, and our monthly member meeting was well attended and productive. On the other hand we lost California State Grange Master, Brother Ed Komski this month. Also the Camp Fire a bit to the north of us has effected many of our members.


Life goes on and so do we. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brother Ed’s family and our open mic raised $600 for the Camp Fire relief efforts of our State Grange.


As we prepare for the holidays I hope you all have a safe, warm (and maybe even wet with rain!) Thanksgiving.


Neil Phaby
Grange Master, Marshall Grange

Brother Ed Komski

Its with great sadness that we bid California State Grange Master Ed Komski farewell this past week. Brother Komski is survived by his wife Cynthia and daughter Aspen and our prayers go out to them both.


We honored Brother Ed at our November Member Meeting with a draping of the charter ceremony. Brother Ed has been vital to Marshall Grange remaining open and functional as legal battles have been fought over the last five or six years. His energy and support will be missed.




Now Selling Event Tickets Online!!

Buy Event Tickets at!

Tickets for Marshall Grange hosted events are now available on our own website!!!

Payment Processing

Payments are processed by PayPal.

Member Discounts

Marshall Grange members have been able to get discounts at the door for years now, but now you can get your member discount in advance too!

When buying tickets on our site you’ll use the member account for that event.

Here’s some of the codes for upcoming events:

  • Friday January 11th – David Jacobs-Strain – MGMemberDJS2019
  • Saturday January 19th – Todd Gardner – MGMemberTG2018
  • Wednesday June 5th – Sofia Talvik – MGMemberST2019

Questions? Let me know – [email protected]